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Original painting, used with permission, "Stairway to Heaven," by Jim Warren
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Berta (left)

Niniche (right)

Quartz (left)

Cissie (right)

Sigrina & Ulan

Judith (right)




Dr. Hans Rickert, Germany, who later got involved in the Lowchen Breed, within cooperation with Madame Bennert

Madame Bennert
Madame Bennert saved the breed from extinction.

She purchased her first Lowchen around the age of twenty from breeder Maximillion de Coninck in 1897.

Madame Bennert never bred Lowchen until she entered her retirement years, when she recognized that during World War II, there were no more official breeders registering their dogs in any breed registries that survived the war.

Madame Bennert, in her sixties, consulted with the Belgium registry, "Livre de la Societe Royal St. Hubert de Belgique," to find names of all that bred Lowchen, prior and after the first World War.

And this is the beginning of the breeds resuscitation.

Pictures from the archives of Gini Denninger and Felizitas Dylla.
Summary with written permission from Gini Denninger.

Information from "Dogs Of All Nations". From the Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915.

The author, W. E. Mason, dedicated his work, of collection, of all known breeds, to the English Peerage.

From the archives of Jennifer Roller

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