LCA-ROM Kismet's Popcorn Of Rygate(Popcorn) DOB 12/10/1988
LCA Ch. Marcel Golden Gamin ex LCA Ch. Destinys Lady Tache LCA-ROM

Cerf failed 1999

Popcorn's cataracts are hereditary, dispite he was 10 years old.
Cataracts are also assumed to be hereitary, except in cases know to be
associated with trauma, other causes of ocular inflammation, specific metabolic
diseases, persistent pupillary membrane, persistent hyaloid or nutritional deficiencies.

Nuclear Sclerosis is part of the normal aging process, is not painful and
usually does not significantly affect the vision of the dog.

Popcorn had both cataracts remove in 2001.

Popcorn's loss of hearing was also noticeable at 10 years of age.

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