Brunswick Valley Kennel Club Show,
New South Wales, Australia.
November 6 and 7 1993
(sire of Cheerio)

General Special Judge Mr Richard Beauchamp from California, USA
Saturday's Show Gizzy took Best in Show as well as Junior in Show.
Lowchen Rondaglen Sir Gallahad to quote "Mr Richard Beauchamp was particularly impressed with the dog's handler, commenting "the young Lady did a wonderful job of presenting this dog. To me good handling is not how much the handler makes of himself but how much he makes of the dog. A wonderful handling job is when you forget the handler is there. She (Charmaine) did everything to enhance the appearance of the dog, without you realising she was presenting the dog to you. His Opinion of Ch Rondaglen Sir Gallahad was : As far as the dog's quality goes, he really is an outstanding dog. I have judged this breed in many parts of the world and his make, shape and balance are unique. His tempermanet is rock steady, which is not always so in this breed. Very sound, just made everything of himself that he could. A breed that is not often elevated to this top award. On speaking to other breeders of this breed they also liked the type of this dog".

A Cheerio daughter, Ch. Turnabout Mystical Storyteller,
known as Kallie, was # 5 Breed System, 2004

Kallie's Puppy Group First


Cheerio's daughter

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