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I  have been showing dogs since 1982, and became involved in showing Lowchens in 1989. My first Lowchen was Kismet's Popcorn of Rygate. I was previously under the prefix Rygate, but I am now under the prefix Storyteller.
My search for my first import started when I saw a picture of Littlecourt Simba in the 1993 English Club Yearbook, bred by Freda McGregor, of Littlecourt Lowchens, England. Littlecourt Simba was imported by Peter and Jill Eerden of Australia.

A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, and lucky to have.



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[Health-pra. Is your Lowchen being diagnose with pra?
Some Lowchens may have been misdiagnose.
To find out more, click here ]

What else does the Offa do?

What else does the offa do for breed clubs? The offa also offers breed surveys for breed parent
clubs, all for "free". No survey results will be traceable to any individual dog. To find out more
information click on the link provided below. Anyone from any country can participate in the survey.
However, the countries are not kept seperate. One question that could be asked in the breed survery,
is to ask, "Where was the dog born". Click on the various breeds, for ideas on a survey, for the health
of the Lowchen Breed. I am sure our lovely breed would agree, and what are we waiting for?

If pra is at a stand still for DNA testing, why not start with another eye disorder, such as cataracts, ect.,
for DNA testing. DNA is such a Powerful Tool, why not use it. Reap in the benefits of DNA as so many
other breeds clubs are doing.

Note: Some breed clubs use geneticist

Breed Club Health Surveys


My Lowchens ERG'd on March 31, 1993, at Cornell University, New York

LCA-ROM Kismet's Popcorn Of Rygate(Popcorn) DOB 12/10/1988
LCA Ch. Marcel Golden Gamin ex LCA Ch. Destinys Lady Tache LCA-ROM

LCA Ch. Lionheart Be-Bop-A-Lula(Lula) DOB 12/01/1990
LCA Ch. Destiny's Diminutive ex Ashfords Asa Ani LCA-ROM

LCA Ch. Destiny's Mistique of Rygate(Tiffany) DOB 8/13/1989
Destiny's Strike Up The Band ex LCA Ch. Destiny's Definitely

LCA Ch. Rygates Poppin Fresh(Gabby) DOB 3/6/91
LCA-ROM Kismet's Popcorn of Rygate ex LCA Ch. Destiny's Mistique Of Rygate


*NEW -- Cerf Statistics Report For Eye Diseases In The Lowchen Breed. More to come!
(Reports can be printed out)

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